Cancellation Policy


If you No Call No Show once or Cancel/Reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment twice, we will require you to pay the full amount for the service(s) you missed. You will not be allowed to rebook until the missed services are paid for.


Late/No Show Policy


If you miss half of your appointment, or you are 15+ minutes late to your appointment, (whichever time is less), it is deemed a no call no show and you will be responsible for the price of the full service(s) missed. You will not be allowed to rebook until the missed services are paid for.


Child Safety Policy


We understand that this policy may be a sensitive topic, as many of our staff are parents themselves. Due to safety reasons and protecting the serene atmosphere of the spa, we ask that you do not bring young children to your appointment. Your time at Rosewater is your “me time,” and we want you to be able to enjoy your appointment and relax. We also understand that sometimes childcare can fall through, and you may have no other option. Our staff is not able to supervise your children due to catering to client needs. In cases like these, age appropriate children are allowed to accompany you to your appointment, if necessary. However, we ask that they be on their best behavior. Our main priority is maintaining a relaxing environment for our clients and any disturbances will be addressed.


Confirmation Texts


An automated text will be sent out from a (404) number, 48 hours prior to your appointment, asking you to confirm. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you may text or call us at 706-993-6404. However, these texts are just a courtesy and you are still responsible for knowing your appointment time.


Gift Card/Gift Certificate Policy


Gift cards/certificates are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable. It must be presented at the time of service. Gift cards do not expire, but after 5 years of inactivity, they are considered abandoned and will be voided. Gift certificates are valid for a year after purchase date. No gift certificate will be accepted past the expiration date. Gift Certificates/Cards cannot be applied to the client’s account as a credit. 


Package Policy


When you purchase a package, it is considered a pre-paid service, therefore the services are non-refundable. Packages cannot be split between two or more people. By purchasing a package, you agree to this policy.


 Pre-Paid Appointments


Any payment made in person or over the phone for a future appointment is a credit on the client’s account. This credit cannot be transferred to another client or refunded. If the client cannot make the appointment for whatever reason, the credit can be used at a later date or used for other services and/or products. Credits do not expire, but after 5 years of inactivity, it is considered abandoned and will be voided. 


Deposit Policy


Any deposit made on a service is non-refundable and can only be held for three months. A deposit is not redeemable for any other services.




Unopened products may be returned, with a receipt, within 30-days of the original purchase date. In the case that a purchased product is not right for you, we will try our best to make it right.


After a service is rendered, the price of the services stands; unless noted by the service provider. It is the client’s responsibility to know the price of his/her service(s). By receiving the service, you agree to pay the full price of that service. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding pricing.




Rosewater Spa & Wellness reserves the right to change any of these policies at any given time. By making an appointment with Rosewater Spa & Wellness, you agree to all of the policies listed above.